Décoloniser la santé sexuelle

Décoloniser la santé sexuelle
Decolonizing sexual health

Avec Café Congo et Joelle Sambi

Bruxelles, Birmingham, et anti-Blackness : comment les relations coloniales entre nos deux villes ont rendu possible un allumage africain d’une pandémie mondiale ?

Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (University of Birmingham / Warwick)

Ancien maître de conférences à l’Université de Londres et d’Oxford, où iel a co-mobilisé les mouvements étudiants Dismantling The Master’s House et Rhodes Must Fall, et à l’Université de Birmingham City et de Bristol, où iel a co-lancé le premier diplôme européen en Black Studies et un nouveau projet de recherche sur les liens historiques entre l’université et l’esclavage, le Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman est aujourd’hui chercheur honoraire à l’Université de Birmingham et de Warwick, où iel étudie comment les provinces du centre de l’Angleterre ont construit l’empire anglophone.

Decolonising Contraception: It is vital that we acknowledge the ‘flagrant abuses’ of the past

Anabel Sowemimo (Decolonizing contraception)

Sexual & reproductive health (SRH) is colonised – it’s practice was built on ideas of racial inferiority, a need for population control, eugenics and the abuse of Black and Brown bodies. Everything from our patient-doctor interactions, to what projects receive funding, to if patients want to part take in research are intrinsically linked to colonial history. Yet, colonial history is poorly taught and people refuse to talk about race unless, it is in the context of health disparities. We need to change the conversation or the SRH of Black and Brown folk will continue to suffer. Is decolonising our sector plausible and if so how?

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is a Community Sexual & Reproductive Health with a background in Medical Anthropology & MSc in Sexual & Reproductive Health Research. At medical school, Annabel assisted in developing training for medical students on Gender Based Violence and continues to teach medical students on SRH. She is a contributor for online platforms including Black Ballad and gal-dem.com writing on a range of health, social justice and cultural issues. Annabel is founder of Decolonising Contraception (DC) a Black & people of colour collective aimed at addressing the unethical history of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and use of race based science. Decolonising contraception is about understanding how we can learn to think about sexual & reproductive health differently and create new solutions to reduce health inequalities. They are currently planning the first sexual health and well-being festival for Black and people of colour to take place in London in 2020. Annabel firmly believes that healthcare should be about empowering people with knowledge to make informed choices about their bodies. She is a Trustee for Medact – a charity focused on support campaigns and activism amongst medical professionals. She spends her spare time campaigning on reproductive justice, NHS cuts and improving healthcare of marginalised groups. When she is not in scrubs or in clinic; she can be found at a protest with a placard!

Conférence suivie d’une projection d’extraits du documentaire Pinkshasa (en cours de réalisation par Joelle Sambi) et d’une discussion avec la réalisatrice et Gia Abrassart (Café Congo)

Café Congo témoigne de la vitalité artistique congolaise et pose une réflexion sur les relations belgo-congolaises actuelles.

Joelle Sambi est autrice, poétesse, slameuse et réalisatrice d’un documentaire sur les vécus de gays, lesbiennes, bi, trans de la diaspora congolaise.

Séminaire 2019-20

Politiser la santé sexuelle : recherche, prévention et militantisme

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